Textiles by Shilo Engelbrecht & Spacecraft textiles and me in my studio

Threadbound is a place for celebrating textiles.

It's a place to passionately share their makers, making, design and techniques. A place to explore history, culture and materials, as well as fresh cuts from innovative new designers.

My name is Jodie Cheetham. I started Threadbound as a blog almost three years ago because I was curious about the journeys of other textile makers and designers.

I knocked on doors, and found my favourite makers to be warm, welcoming and willing to share their stories. Unlike many industries, they have not been afraid to also impart their knowledge – tips and tricks of the trade that have come from lots of hard work, passion and plenty of trial and error.

We have shared our textiles and making with this same spirit for thousands of years. And now – despite the overwhelming production of poor produced fabric – there are plenty of textile makers and designers who are sharing with the same intention.

So whether you are a crafter, designer, decorator or maker, I hope you enjoy their textile tales. By sharing and supporting those who make our favourite home furnishings, clothing, accessories and decoration, we can surely keep the art of making from threads precious.

February 2017